Sons of Monkeys

A New Study of the Human Animal by a down on his luck Chinaman with a Zoology Degree

Species, War, Genocide, Poverty, Jesus, No one is Safe

Nature Calls

Hi folks,

In an effort to try and raise myself out of the pit of poverty, I've decided to focus on developing a documentary series based loosely on the book. Although there were a couple areas in Sons of Monkeys that deserved some clarification, namely why you are a monkey and the future of species concepts, I'm going to put this blog on hiatus until the time is right for a revisit. There's already more than enough "controversy" in the book for fundies, atheists, and serious scientists to play with. Should there ever be a time when my ideas finally get a proper platform for discussion, I'll be back.

I've left some posts on here to showcase some of my work as a freelance writer and aspiring journalist. Time permitting, I'll release a few more promotional videos.

Thank you for supporting independent thought and serious non-fiction.