Sons of Monkeys

A New Study of the Human Animal by a down on his luck Chinaman with a Zoology Degree

Species, War, Genocide, Poverty, Jesus, No one is Safe


Sons of Monkeys is now available for purchase in both ebook and print form through Amazon (.com, & .eu and .ca via bookdepository). It's also available through, which has further distribution to all other popular formats including Apple, Nook, and Kobo. Expanded paperback distribution is available* in Canada, Australia, & the rest of the big wide world through Ingram distributors (i.e.,, Kobo Books, and If you'd like to see it in a physical store, encourage your local retailer to order you a copy ISBN # 978-0-9921374-0-3

At the moment, reviews and word of mouth are the most important so purchase where it's most convenient and/or affordable to you. If you want to cut costs but don't have an e-reader, download the free program Calibre and you're good to go.

*If they are ever any problems with the manufacturing of the book, please return to the distributor and reserve evaluations for the content, which is the only thing I have/had control over.

If you love me and care more about my immediate food situation more so than my exposure, I get the best royalties if you purchase directly from Smashwords or my Createspace store, which is a subsidiary of Amazon but cleverly hidden so I get less of the pie. You can use the links below for both options.

To order direct from my Amazon eStore

To order direct from my Amazon eStore

Purchase all formats at Smashwords or direct through Apple, Nook, & Kobo

Purchase all formats at Smashwords or direct through Apple, Nook, & Kobo


In case you're wondering about the royalties situation, believe it or not, I still get UNDER $5 for something I've worked on for 8 years despite what the list price might say, especially for expanded distribution. There are A LOT of problems with publishing regardless of the route you take (i.e. self- vs. traditional). I took the path that would preserve my artistic integrity, which was probably dumb in retrospect.