Sons of Monkeys

A New Study of the Human Animal by a down on his luck Chinaman with a Zoology Degree

Species, War, Genocide, Poverty, Jesus, No one is Safe

About the Book

Sons of Monkeys explores the controversial paradigm of multiple human species interacting in the past, present, and future. For the first time, it gives human history a working ecological model to explain the existence of such phenomena as war, genocide, and chronic poverty. This is NOT a revisit of “Multiregional Hypothesis” or anything polygenic from a “racist” past. This is a brand new synthesis that treats humans, all humans, including Jesus, like any other animal on the planet through a “pluralistic” evolutionary framework, which means reconciling the effects of entropy on culture and genetics under a biological whole. In some ways, this is a modern update on Charles Darwin’s Descent of Man and Desmond Morris’ The Naked Ape. In another sense, however, this is Biology’s swan song before it fades even further from public consciousness, one last final “whole organism” treatment of the animal we care most about: ourselves.