Sons of Monkeys

A New Study of the Human Animal by a down on his luck Chinaman with a Zoology Degree

Species, War, Genocide, Poverty, Jesus, No one is Safe

Evol Education

Mars Q is a biologist, freelance writer, barely employed teacher, secular humanist, and submission grappling aficionado. Depending on his mood, he also goes by Yellow Jesus and the Fortune Cookie Monster. Don't let the foul language and vitriol deter you. If you get through the early chapters, you'll see the method in the madness.

I'd like to personally express my utter gratitude for all the kind reviews. Believe it or not, I don't know any of these people personally; my friends are either too lazy or uninterested to read serious non-fiction. I wish I could say that the 8 years I gave to this project has paid off but I barely float above the poverty line, and I've no doubt closed many doors by choosing to independently publish my work. I believe in the Smashwords platform and hopefully the altruism of strangers continues to give my scientific findings a chance to gain traction. Keep spreading the word if you believe I've created something special. Cheers :)